Marco J. Bonta, MD, MBA, FACS & Belinda K. Dean, MS, CNP, CCRN

Assistance with Trauma Center Development and Site Survey Preparation

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Our on-site services allow us to evaluate all aspects of survey preparation, including medical staff commitment, administrative commitment, and your performance improvement program.

Mock Survey

Our trauma center consultation service will put a team on the ground to prepare your facility by way of simulation of the real site survey. An extensive report is provided describing strengths, weaknesses, deficiencies and recommendations thought likely to be similar to those found by subsequent actual site surveyors.

Chart Review

During a chart review, medical records are examined to determine whether they are properly prepared for site survey review. Recommendations are then made to allow these records to be assembled for easy examination, especially as it pertains to documentation of Performance Improvement (PI) activities.

PI Documentation
Loop Closure

Will surveyors find quality issues your PI program didn't find? Will they see documentation of that which you did to protect future similar patients? Do you understand what is meant by action-oriented loop closure?

Who We Are

We are a professional medical consulting firm that works to ensure hospitals pass their accredited trauma center surveys. We visit trauma centers and provide medical consulting for the trauma program. For more than 10 years, we have worked with trauma program managers, trauma medical directors, and hospital administrators to achieve success with designation or verification.

  • Completed over 260 trauma program visits throughout the United States.
  • Helped more than 40 U.S. trauma centers pass their surveys.