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Marco J. Bonta, MD, MBA, FACS
Belinda K. Dean, MS, CCRN, CNP
Columbus, Ohio

Upcoming site survey?    Considering becoming a trauma center?    Questions about the Orange Book?

Remote Skilled Survey Preparation in Columbus, Ohio

Multiple Doctors - Survey Preparation
At www.traumaconsulting.com, we offer survey preparation assistance.  This may or may not involve on-site consulting at your hospital. We review charts and performance improvement documentation, and help prepare for site surveys.  With a Business Associates' Agreement, we are able to review your charts, your PI documentation, and help make it better!

Reliable Preparation

Our newest offering, chart and PI documentation remote review, allows us to review your performance improvement documentation and medical records to ensure compliance. Your hospital must document identification issues and action-oriented loop closure to pass your site review. Our services will help you reach your trauma accreditation and become the trauma center your hospital has been working to become, smoothly and without problems.

Contact us in Columbus, Ohio, to learn more about our skilled, remote survey preparation.