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Marco J. Bonta, MD, MBA, FACS
Belinda K. Dean, MS, CCRN, CNP
Columbus, Ohio

Upcoming site survey?    Considering becoming a trauma center?    Questions about the Orange Book?

Detailed Trauma Center Consultation & Site Visits

With an unwavering dedication to your success, www.traumaconsulting.com in Columbus, Ohio, provides detailed trauma center consultations and site visits. Our job is to work with your staff to ensure you pass your trauma survey to become or remain an accredited trauma center.

Trauma Consultation

If your facility is considering becoming a trauma center or has an upcoming site survey, we can help to ensure that you pass and become a center, or maintain your status. We’ll help you get ready for the upcoming survey and/or provide a mock survey to help ensure your success.

Our on-site services allow us to evaluate all aspects of survey preparation, including medical staff commitment, administrative commitment, and your performance improvement program.  We can help you at any stage in your preparation.

Our mock survey is a simulation of how the actual survey in conducted, so that you know what to expect. We’ll conduct a sampling of charts and PI to help ensure that they are suitable.

After our visit or mock survey, our trauma center consultation team will provide an extensive written report and will remain available for unlimited telephone consultation for six months.  We also work to help hospitals decide how to go about becoming a trauma center, long before any designation or verification survey, so you can take your time to reach your goal.

Hospital - Site Visits

Contact us in Columbus, Ohio, to learn more about our professional trauma center consultation, or to ask questions about our site visits.